Welcome to Certified Home Inspections, LLC!


If you sense that there might be a problem with a home that you:

  • Currently own
  • Are interested in purchasing
  • Are considering selling
  • Then you can call upon a LICENSED Property Inspector for some helpful advice that’s based upon twenty+ years of experience in the construction industry. The Professionas at CERTIFIED Home Inspections have the necessary equipment and know-how to answer any residential safety questions that you might have. Our helpful office staff can readily help you set up a consultation time that works best for you:.

    Our clients rely upon us because:

  • Our firm is locally owned and operated
  • We’re fully licensed and insured
  • Every report we deliver is high-quality and dependable
  • You can meet with one of our firm’s Licensed Property Inspectors at your convenience, at your location. We will assess it and recommend ways to remedy what we might find.

    Get in touch with CERTIFIED Home Inspections today to have your questions answered.

    Please call or text 201-398-8602, or email us at RussAtCHILLC@gmail.com.

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